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4 7 13
Hi fellow Coheed fans! I'll admit I haven't been as active, and I didn't even know there were 2 albums after Black Rainbow. I just got done listening to Afterman: Ascension / Descension.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Year of The Black Rainbow, so I was reluctant to give these two a try, but I've got to say that Coheed haven't lost their touch.

If you feel like geeking out to the music at some point, The Amory Wars saga has continued. You could wiki it and skip to Ascension / Descension storyline. I won't give too much away, but it's unrelated to the Kilgannon story, and about the exploration and expedition of Keywork (which most fans already know is "powered by" the souls of the fallen).

I encourage anyone who still loves this band to check out their latest works.

I likely won't become the Coheed fiend that I used to be, but this makes me nostalgic for those moments in my adolescence ^u^
4 11 13 Update
Claidio is working with MArk Wahlberg to design a Coheed and Cambria Amory Wars movie. This was announced in 2012, but I figured it was worth mentioning here.

There is no news yet who will be part of the cast, if it's in production or what part of the story the series will start with. What do you think of this? I asked two fans who have been Coheed fans since 99', and neither seem keen on it.

How about you?

I've also posted this on the fan page :iconchildrenofthefence:
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Routsubasa Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013
I'd watch it but I wouldn't go nuts for it.
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