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Lend Me Your Wings by keykeyx10000 Lend Me Your Wings :iconkeykeyx10000:keykeyx10000 4 0 Birthday Gift: Glorious New Year by keykeyx10000 Birthday Gift: Glorious New Year :iconkeykeyx10000:keykeyx10000 22 6
To Loved Ones Who Outlive Me
                                                                                                     When I die
The last thing I want is for you to cry.
I want you to remember that when I laughed too hard,
I coughed and got sick,
that I ate too much candy
and that I was a gluttonous mess at the dinner table.
I want you to remember the times
we called each other names
and sometimes intentionally hurt one another
:iconkeykeyx10000:keykeyx10000 18 15
Jessica Rabbit by keykeyx10000 Jessica Rabbit :iconkeykeyx10000:keykeyx10000 8 3 The Memory Remains by keykeyx10000 The Memory Remains :iconkeykeyx10000:keykeyx10000 13 4
The Fall Out
Stirred from the sound of rain, I sleepily raise my head
to be greeted by the sultry pink dawn seeking me--
the first sign of sunlight in three days,
Or has it been more?
Yet, the storm that woke me brews in the next room.
The unsteady splashing against the floor tiles somehow
clashes nicely with the morning birds and traffic below.
I imagine him: vulnerable and naked,
intentionally away from me.
I roll over turning from the welcoming light of morning
facing a dim walled room as I close my eyes attempting
to remain asleep looking--
Anything to avoid our averted eyes.
These moments pass painfully slow,
more so than the throbbing in my head.
I yank the comforter over me in spite of the warm may weather.
At last, the shower ceases.
I hear the fumble of a belt buckle and feel the light from the bathroom
wash over my eyelids
as he enters our room, hesitantly.
My breathing is shallow and wavering as
I feel knots in my stomach uncomfortably tighten.
I wish I were truly asleep.
I listen
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4 7 13
Hi fellow Coheed fans! I'll admit I haven't been as active, and I didn't even know there were 2 albums after Black Rainbow. I just got done listening to Afterman: Ascension / Descension.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Year of The Black Rainbow, so I was reluctant to give these two a try, but I've got to say that Coheed haven't lost their touch.

If you feel like geeking out to the music at some point, The Amory Wars saga has continued. You could wiki it and skip to Ascension / Descension storyline. I won't give too much away, but it's unrelated to the Kilgannon story, and about the exploration and expedition of Keywork (which most fans already know is "powered by" the souls of the fallen).

I encourage anyone who still loves this band to check out their latest works.

I likely won't become the Coheed fiend that I used to be, but this makes me nostalgic for those moments in my adolescence ^u^
4 11 13 Update
Claidio is working with MArk Wahlberg to design a Coheed and Cambria Amory Wars movie. This was announced in 2012, but I figured it was worth mentioning here.

There is no news yet who will be part of the cast, if it's in production or what part of the story the series will start with. What do you think of this? I asked two fans who have been Coheed fans since 99', and neither seem keen on it.

How about you?

I've also posted this on the fan page :iconchildrenofthefence:
  • Listening to: Coheed & Cambria: Afterman Ascension/Descensio
  • Reading: Wuthering Heights
  • Watching: Mad Men (in 2 hours)
  • Eating: Candy
  • Drinking: Water


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mooartist Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2006
HI!!!!!!!! KITTAN!!!
keykeyx10000 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the cd, El. ill bring it back tomarrow. i cant stop listening to track5. even Tiger loves it ^_^
keykeyx10000 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
im looking foward to adding more stuff. i have to fix my scanner -.-
Farffingale Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006
Can't wait to see more of your stuff, have fun
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